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"Working with Propervise is working with a management group built on integrity. From day one, our properties were treated with priority and always kept updated with how each of our properties were performing. You cannot go wrong with Propervise for property management in San Jose."

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"Having Shane as a property manager is priceless — he's one of the main reasons why I love living where I am at. He's proven to be very responsive and eager to resolve any issues as they come up."

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"Shane goes above and beyond what I expected out of a Property Manager.  He gets acquainted with my tenants, does 6 month checks to visit the properties and is available ASAP when something is needed. He keeps us up to date with the records, etc. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you hire Shane Pizzo."

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"I have worked with Shane on some of my properties. He is always available, knowledgeable, organized, professional, personable, and an effective communicator. I look forward to continued work with Shane as opportunities arise, and highly recommend him for any real estate business."

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"Shane is amazing at what he does and I constantly recommend him to anyone with

real estate needs. He really knows his stuff and cares about his clients."

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