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FAQ San Jose Realtor
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  • What type of property does Propervise, Inc. offer management and leasing services?"
    Propervise, Inc. has experience managing both residential and commercial property types. On the residential side, our company has managed both single family and multifamily properties. On the commercial side we have managed both industrial and flex properties.
  • What is the standard fee for management services?
    Since every property, and each situation is unique, we have no “standard fee” for our services. We meet with owners to discuss the property and get a firm understanding of the challenges they are facing. We then devise a management plan that meets the needs specific to each client and property.
  • Do you charge a leasing fee when placing new tenants in a property or for a lease renewal?
    In a residential property that Propervise, Inc. currently manages, the leasing service is included in the monthly management fee. For commercial properties, there will be a separate leasing fee and/or lease renewal fee for properties that we manage. These fees will be discussed and agreed upon on a case by case basis.
  • What if I only need leasing services for my property and not full property management services?
    Propervise, Inc. will provide property leasing as a service to those owners who prefer to continue managing their properties for themselves, but do not want to be responsible for establishing pricing, showing the property, and negotiating leases with new tenants. In residential properties, Propervise, Inc. will charge one half of one month’s rental value as established in the lease. In commercial properties, the price structure will be established as a percentage of the total lease value. The percentage will be negotiated on a case by case basis
  • Does Propervise, Inc. utilize property management software?"
    At Propervise, Inc., we use Buildium property management software to manage all our portfolio of properties. Buildium is a best in class property management software that offers online payments, financial reporting, property marketing, issue reporting, and much more. We can provide examples of the reports you will receive. Also, you can visit their website at the following URL:
  • Does Propervise, Inc. have its own maintenance staff?"
    Propervise, Inc. does not staff its own maintenance personnel. However, we maintain very close relationships with a wide array of local service providers. We will obtain multiple bids to ensure that we provide the best service at a reasonable price for issues that arise at your property.
  • How does Propervise, Inc. vet potential tenants in properties for lease?"
    In residential property, Propervise, Inc. utilizes RentSpree to obtain rental applications, background checks, and credit reports on all applicants. We work with owners to establish requirements that applicants must meet in order to qualify for properties. We connect with references to verify each applicant’s qualifications, and do the work required to make sure we only place qualified tenants into properties we are leasing. You can learn more about RentSpree at their website here: In commercial property, we will obtain and verify professional references as well as all of the financial documentation necessary to qualify a prospective tenant for placement in the space for lease.
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